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    IM-2019-24    Published  
    Registered: 23.4.2019
    Jalali Keshavarz Raheleh
    An exponential lower bound for proofs in focused calculi

    IM-2018-64    Published  
    Registered: 19.12.2018
    Khaniki Erfan
    New relations and separations of conjectures about incompleteness in the finite domain

    IM-2018-55    Published  
    Registered: 8.11.2018
    Jeřábek Emil
    Rigid models of Presburger arithmetic

    IM-2018-47  Rescricted access 
    Registered: 1.10.2018
    Jeřábek Emil
    Induction rules in bounded arithmetic

    Registered: 1.10.2018
    Akbar Tabatabai Amirhossein, Jalali Keshavarz Raheleh
    Universal Proof Theory: Semi-analytic Rules and Uniform Interpolation