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      Year: Type Investigators

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      Khaniki Erfan
      New relations and separations of conjectures about incompleteness in the finite domain
      Journal of Symbolic Logic, to appear.

      Jeřábek Emil
      Rigid models of Presburger arithmetic
      Mathematical Logic Quarterly 65 (1), 2019, 108-115.

      Pudlák Pavel, Thapen Neil Dillip
      Random resolution refutations
      Computational Complexity 28 (2), 2019, 185-239.

      Beckmann Arnold, Buss Sam, Friedman Sy-David, Müller Moritz, Thapen Neil Dillip
      Feasible set functions have small circuits
      Computability 8 (1), 2019, 67-98.

      Garlík Michal, Kołodziejcz Leszek Aleksander
      Some subsystems of constant-depth Frege with parity
      ACM Transactions on Computational Logic 19 (4), 2018, 29-.