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      Pudlák Pavel
      On the complexity of finding falsifying assignments for Herbrand disjunctions
      Utrecht workshop on Proof Theory Utrecht, The Netherlands (April 2015)

      Pudlák Pavel
      On proof systems for integer linear programing
      Mathematical Logic: Proof theory, constructive mathematics Oberwolfach, Germany (January 2015)

      Jeřábek Emil
      Generalizing the clone–coclone Galois connection
      Topology, Algebra, and Categories in Logic Ischia (June 2015)

      Jeřábek Emil
      Recursive functions vs. classification theory
      Utrecht Workshop on Proof Theory Utrecht (April 2015)

      Thapen Neil Dillip
      Parity games and propositional proofs
      Vienna Logic Summer, workshop on proof complexity Vienna, Austria (July 2014)