• Navid Talebanfard
    • (IM)
    • A separator theorem for hypergraphs and a CSP-SAT algorithm
    • Abstract:
    • I'll show how to remove a small number of edges from a uniform hypergraph of small vertex degree to break it into small connected components. I'll use it to give a CSP-SAT algorithm for CSPs with small variable frequency. This is joint work with Vojt?ch Rödl.
    • 12.04.19   13:30
    • Hoeteck Wee
    • (CNRS and ENS)
    • Attribute-Based Encryption and Information-Theoretic Crypto
    • Abstract:
    • Can we encrypt data while enabling fine-grained access control, as is necessary to protect big, complex data? In this talk, we will survey how addressing this question led to new lower and upper bounds in information-theoretic cryptography and secret sharing, which in turn came from building new connections to communication complexity and private information-retrieval.
    • 29.03.19   13:30

    Michal Koucky, Pavel Pudlak