• Radek Honzik
    • (Charles University)
    • Compactness at small cardinals
    • Abstract:
    • We will survey some results related to compactness principles at small cardinals which extend the usual first-order compactness to more complex structures.

      More specifically, suppose kappa is an uncountable regular cardinal (typically kappa can be taken to be the size of the reals). We will review a variety of compactness principles, such as the tree property, stationary reflection, Rado's conjecture, etc., which claim that if all parts of size < kappa of a given structure of size kappa have some property, so does the whole structure.

      We will discuss basic models in which such principles hold, consistency strength of these principles, implications between the principles and other hypotheses (such as CH), and some consequences.

    • 12.04.21   15:30

    Pavel Pudlak, Neil Thapen, Jan Krají?ek